Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

The Company implements an actively managed investment strategy undertaking investments typically into one of two broad investment categories:

  • Strategic Investments
  • Non Strategic Investments

The Company does not allocate a fixed proportion of funds into each or any of the above investment categories, since it believes that complete flexibility to invest across these categories is key to maximising long-term value growth for shareholders.


Strategic Investments

The Company undertakes investments in which it can reasonably expect to exert a degree of influence, including board representation or through playing an active role alongside management in order to enhance or realise shareholder value.

Investments include those that have the potential for turnaround in profitability or capital appreciation through the introduction of new management, capital, improved business practices, industry rationalisation, and/or improved investor relations.

Strategic investments by their nature rely heavily on the Company’s ability to identify, attract and exploit unique opportunities.


Non-Strategic Investments

The Company makes non-strategic investments in entities where attractive investment opportunities develop due to market sentiment or mispricing or where the Company sees other potential for generating positive returns. In contrast to strategic investments, with non-strategic investments the Company does not envisage that it will take an active role in the management of the investment. 

For each strategic and non-strategic investment, the Company expects to receive a level of return that is commensurate with the level of risk associated with that investment.  In each investment and for the investment Portfolio in aggregate, the Company will at least aim to achieve a return that is consistently in excess of an appropriate benchmark share index and or a return which could be earned from investments in cash, bills of exchange or negotiable instruments drawn or endorsed by a bank, non-bank financial institution or a government.